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TODAY is the best time for you to be present
in the most strong economy in the world.

BENEFITS Why buy residential land in the US?

The United States is a stable country that has laws that protect the consumer, so your investment will always be safe.

Residential land is the best real estate investment for buyers who are not in the area. No maintenance or tenants to worry about.

BUY I live outside the US and I don't have a VISA. I can buy?

Yes, you can buy.

United States law allows anyone over the age of 18 to invest in the real estate market regardless of nationality or immigration status.

CONSTRUCTION Should I build if I buy one of the lots?

You can build now or never, you decide.

RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT Can I start a business on my land?

All the lands of our developments are residential, the regulations prohibit any type of business or commercial establishments.

SENDING MONEY How much money can I transfer to the US?

You can transfer all the money you want to the United States to buy real estate, from the United States point of view. The authorities study the origin and legality of the money, there is no limit when it comes to sending it. You must comply with all the obligations imposed by your country of residence for international money transfers and tax payments.

TAXES How much taxes are paid for each residential lot?

Only one tax payment is made and it is annual.

The owner is solely responsible for the annual payment of the property tax with the municipality, the approximate value is USD 300 per year (it may vary).

This payment can be made from November to March of the following year.


From the moment you decide to buy a piece of land, you will obtain the "Property Title" in your name in approximately 20 to 30 days. The process of buying a land in the United States consists of 5 simple steps.

Signing of the contract of sale (format established by the state of Florida). The delivery of the contract is made together with a copy of your passport.


Initial payment.
The guarantee deposit is made by international bank transfer to the escrow account or guarantee account of the title company, to initiate the procedures for the purchase / sale of your land.


Transfer of property title.
The "Title Company" is in charge of carrying out all the necessary procedures between buyer and seller. This process takes between 2 and 3 weeks.


Signature of property closing documents
The Title Company delivers the closing, transfer and registration documents of the property title. You must return the signed documents and send the remaining amount to close the process of buying / selling your land.

Property title registration
The “Title Company” will send all the documents to the American Court and the Property Title will be issued in your name, which will be sent by postal mail to your current residence address.


VISAS: If I acquire land, can I obtain a visa or residency?


Acquiring land or property does not give you any benefit to obtain a visa or residence in the United States. This is a process that must be processed directly with the competent authorities where you reside. (Embassy or Consulate of the United States of North America).

United States of America

Respect for Private Property.
Favorable Laws.
Socioeconomic Stability.
Solid Economy.
Growth Boom.

Imagine the value of your property
in the coming years...


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